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ZaCon Limited

ZaCon Limited

The business partners to your success

ZaCon has built a wealth of business knowledge, based on experience in critical business issues through a wide variety of industries. Our extensive range of consulting, training and development services, helps companies to improve their profitability, implement competitive strategies, optimise organisation, increase operational efficiency and to deal with their management challenges and development. We are champions of change and agents of implementation.

We provide what every business needs today……..


Change management:

  • Strategy development and flexible organisation with management tools to deal with the continuous changes due to internal and external factors and challenges


Business development and Growth:

  • Support entry into new markets, products, services, diversification, customer segments


Capable team:

  • Training and development, mentoring, performance culture


Sustainable Profitability:

  • Performace improvement,Cost management, world class excellence, resource optimisation


Investment Management:

Identifying attractive Assets with potential high ROI, M&A, funding, business restructuring