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ZaCon Limited

ZaCon Limited

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Management Consulting and Advisory


Strategic Business Planning :

We will address and prioritise external opportunities and threats to the firm.  In addition we agree and Prioritise core competencies, internal strengths to be capitalised on and weaknesses to be overcome. Furthermore:

  • Define business plans and options for the company.
  • Facilitate on issues of what types of activities the firm potentially will and

     will  not do, now and in the future.   

  • Define the precise mission of the business.
  • Identify key objectives and strategies for achieving the mission.
  • Formulate strategies that will achieve/maintain a competitive position
  •  Evaluate your business strategy through objective measurement and align this with your organisational competence through a groundbreaking approach that was developed by our associates: Kontextit


Business Development:

Providing a unique service of business development of new global markets for your products and services that leads to sustainable growth and increased sales.

Our association with Noble House Russia is an additional connection that we can provide to also access the vast market of Russia.


Business Process Re Engineering:

  • Operational effectiveness and value chain analysis
  • Increase operating performance, reducing costs, increasing reliability,

     improving cycle time to market, and ultimately meeting and exceeding

     customer requirements 

  • Identify, create, and implement best practices; establish, restructure and re

     engineer processes; and improve supply chain management where

     customers, suppliers, and employees are served more efficiently.   

  • Implement management control systems that will monitor key performance

     indicators and demand pro active management 


Sales Management:

  • Sales effectiveness analysis
  • Sales call planning to ensure productivity
  • Sales team target setting that will motivate the team to achieve improved


  • Implement control systems that will track the performance and effectiveness

     of the team

  • Selling techniques and account management for improved customer

     profitability and long term relationships 


Corporate Restructuring:

  • Analyse the effectiveness and contribution of departments
  • Define areas of opportunity and business plan
  • Design an implementation plan to ensure the timely process of the company


  • Manage and facilitate the change


Due Diligence , Business Analysis & Evaluation:

  • Evaluate the full business potential of the company
  • Assess areas for improvement and potential business threats
  • Identify risks and propose a risk management plan


World Class Manufacturing:

  • Process analysis
  • Assess wastage, down time factors, productivity analysis
  • Gap analysis vs World Class Manufacturing standards
  • Design area implementation plans and back up statistics
  • Train and install shop floor systems
  • Implement change and monitor critical processes


Logistics & Distribution:

  • Supply chain management
  • Stock control and inventory management
  • Distribution fleet efficiencies
  • Warehousing utilisation
  • Customer service


Cluster Studies and Specialised industry analysis
  • Define competitive advantage of the industry
  • World market research and assessment
  • Quality Management:
  • ISO standards gap analysis
  • Quality manuals
  • Quality control systems


SME Services:
  • Business planning
  • Performance improvement assessment
  • Training and development


Marketing & Market Research:

  • Marketing plans
  • Campaign plan and implementation
  • Qualitative and quantitative market research
  • Business development


HR, Management Training & Development:

  • Executive recruitment and placing
  • Appraisal systems
  • Job description design
  • HR manuals and policies
  • Training and development


Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

  • Develop Customer Relationship Management initiatives and business


  • CRM systems
  • Customer loyalty schemes