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ZaCon offers leading edge management training courses that will enhance and develop executives , therefore improving your competitive position. All training courses are researched and developed in order to include the latest thinking in management, business techniques and practical management tools that can be used in the real business world to enhance performance.

 Zacon is a Licence Partner of AUTONOM TALENT® of Austria,providing a strategic management methodology, based on ground breaking unique human biological diagnostic technology, which provides analysis of the physiological profile as well as the basic talents of individuals through a scientifically based and proven 24h measurement of their body (Heart Rate Variability).Team stress levels within the working environment can be objectively evaluated, together with talents that contribute to corporate success.

Furthermore, training needs and development through interactive coaching and clear cut action plans are developed subsequent to the data analysis. This can provide significant value and competitive advantage to your esteemed Company.

AUTONOM TALENT® , with a significant investment in Research and Development, has a proud and successful track record and is well established ,involving in excess of 5.000 participants over 100 projects delivering high value adding results such as:

  • Leadership development to deal with the ever changing business 

     environment and challenges  

  • Well-being, health care and burn-out prevention, contributing to higher

     productivity levels and resilience to handle business challenges 

  • Motivational, incentive and retention programs that ensures continuity to

     the organisation

  • Building Talent and successor pools/planning
  • Run task forces and special teams that can deliver specific business

     programs beneficial to the organisation  

We have also partnered up with the groundbreaking Enterprise Leader Team Development Program that provides managers, executives and business leaders the tools, methodology and framework to build and develop their own high performance business teams -- in the workplace.


Some of our management development courses are:


Leadership in the Corporate World

This interactive course is aimed at organizations requiring to develop leaders at every level and managers dealing with the leadership challenges of today. Participants learn how to be effective leaders, deal with the complexities of team inspiration and motivation and the impact of leadership styles. Leadership issues like communicating your vision, empowering your team and dealing with conflict are also dealt with. The course will also help participants understand their evolution path , identify future leaders, assess their competence and plan their development.


Selling to Key Accounts

Today sales executives need a strategic approach to win key accounts that are continuously surrounded by their competitors. Participants will learn how to plan their approach, understand their client needs, meet these needs, focus on the competitive advantage , influence customer choice and build lasting and rewarding relationships.


Advanced Project Management

Project managers are under increasing pressure to deliver projects within shorter time scales and less cost. Participants will learn the latest techniques in project management including planning, scheduling, resource management, risk management and how to successfully achieve project objectives and satisfying all key stakeholders.


Quality Management

Successful companies need to deliver quality products and services. This course looks at how a company can implement and manage a Quality system. Participants will learn how to analyse gaps in their current organisation, the implementation requirements of ISO and how to manage a quality management team in order to successfully meet the quality objectives set.